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Silkscreen Printing

Advantages of Silkscreen Printing

Durable & Long Lasting

Silk screen printing offers exceptional durability, thanks to the specially formulated inks designed for use on various surfaces. Additionally, the process of pressing the silk screen ink into the fabric enhances the longevity of the design.

T-shirts or polo tees that undergo the silk screen process are built to endure years of washing and physical wear and tear. We wholeheartedly endorse this printing method, especially for clients operating in active service industry environments. It proves to be a robust and reliable choice.

The Ability to Scale

Silk screen printing simplifies the process of resizing images and logos for placement in various areas of a shirt. Unlike other T-shirt printing methods, where resizing requires adjustments to multiple image files, silk screen printing streamlines this task.

For instance, if a client desires a logo on the T-shirt pocket, the arm sleeve, and the back of the T-shirt, silk screen printing utilizes photosensitive masks, significantly reducing the labor hours involved. This efficiency is a notable advantage of the silk screen process.

Vivid Colour Palette

Silk screen printing has gained popularity in contemporary art due to its capacity for creativity and vibrant color reproduction. The inks employed in this method exhibit remarkable longevity before showing signs of fading.

Typically, Plastisol ink is used, known for its ability to deliver superior color and durability. Moreover, the straightforward silk screen process allows for technique modifications, leading to the creation of captivating and innovative designs, making it a preferred choice for artists seeking to unleash their creativity.

Economies to Scale

The cost-effectiveness of silk screen printing becomes apparent as the order size grows, as the fixed setup costs are distributed across a larger number of items to be printed. With an increase in order size, the expenses associated with silk screen printing decrease, given that the initial setup costs are divided among a greater quantity of garments. It's worth noting that at a certain point, silk screen printing can become more budget-friendly than heat transfers, offering a more economical solution for larger production runs.

Disdvantages of Silkscreen Printing

Higher Minimum Order

Silkscreen printing stands out as a top choice for producing stunning t-shirts and tote bags. However, it's important to note that the cost-effectiveness of silkscreen printing is typically realized for higher orders. For smaller orders, alternative printing methods may be more economical.

Perfection Takes a Little Longer
Silkscreen printing is essentially an artform, and as such, the setup process involving tools like screens, ink colors, and stencils may require a bit more time and attention to detail. We are committed to ensuring efficiency while upholding our dedication to delivering high-quality work. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Limited Colour

Screen printing is not ideal for designs requiring a wide spectrum of colors or those based on photography since it excels at accurately blending spot colors but struggles with achieving precise gradients or shades. So that, the maximum only can use 8 colours.

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