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Brightness Apparel Custom Made Polo Tee CVC Lacoste Fabric

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Custom-made polo tees with CVC Lacoste fabric offer a blend of style, comfort, and quality.

CVC Lacoste Fabric
CVC (Chief Value Cotton) is a fabric blend that typically combines cotton and polyester in varying proportions. Lacoste fabric, also known as piqué knit, is a textured knit with raised parallel cords that create a unique texture. The blend of CVC and Lacoste fabric offers the benefits of both materials.

Cotton provides softness and breathability, while the addition of polyester enhances the fabric's durability, shape retention, and resistance to wrinkles. This combination ensures comfort even during extended wear.

Moisture Management
The moisture-wicking properties of polyester in CVC Lacoste fabric help keep the body dry by moving sweat away from the skin. This is especially beneficial during physical activities.

Texture and Appearance
The textured look of Lacoste fabric adds visual interest to the polo tee. It creates a slightly raised and structured surface that distinguishes it from basic knit fabrics, lending a touch of sophistication.

The blend of cotton and polyester in CVC fabric enhances the polo tee's durability and longevity. Polyester contributes to the fabric's resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for regular use.

Shape Retention
Polyester helps the fabric maintain its shape and structure over time, preventing sagging and stretching that can occur with pure cotton fabrics.

Custom-made polo tees with CVC Lacoste fabric are versatile and suitable for a range of occasions. They can be worn casually, semi-formally, or as part of a uniform for teams and organizations.

The ability to customize the design, color, and details of the polo tee allows for a personalized and unique garment that reflects individual or team preferences.

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