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Which is Better? Sublimation vs Silk Screen Printing in Malaysia

Which is Better? Sublimation vs Silk Screen Printing in Malaysia

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1.Print Quality:
Screen Printing: Renowned for vibrant colors, ideal for one or few-color designs.
Sublimation: Precision in vivid detail, excelling in intricate patterns and photo prints.

Screen Printing: Durable yet susceptible to cracking and fading after washing.
Sublimation: Sublimation's embedded colors ensure longevity, resisting fading and peeling.
Print Complexity:

3.Print Complexity
Screen Printing: Best suited for bold designs, might struggle with intricate patterns.
Sublimation: Sublimation effortlessly navigates complex gradients and digital prints.

4.Colours & Blending
Screen Printing: Limited to 8-10 colours, This process involves printing one color at a time, resulting in longer printing times for designs with multiple colors.  Color blending in screen printing is typically accomplished through manual mixing of necessary color shades or by utilizing automated paint mixing machinery.
Sublimation: Sublimation excels in multiple colors and gradients, offering precise blending with CMYK.

5.Special Effects:
Screen Printing: In screen printing, different types of ink can produce special effects such as 3D designs or provide a cracked texture effect.
Sublimation: Sublimation uses the four primary colors CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to print designs, it does not offer support for specialty inks. 

6.Fabrics and Materials:
Screen Printing: Ideal for cotton or cotton blend fabric materials.
Sublimation: Sublimation thrives on high-polyester fabrics, offering versatility across various materials.Sublimation does not work well on material made with natural fibers such as cotton and silk, as the sublimation ink does not adhere well to these fibers. 

Screen Printing: Traditionally employs non-biodegradable inks; eco-friendly water-based inks available.
Sublimation: Sublimation uses non-toxic inks, reduces water usage, and minimizes waste through on-demand production.

8.Cost Efficiency
Screen Printing: Economies of Scale.The efficiency of screen printing machinery further plays a crucial role in cost reduction. Designed to handle high volumes.As the volume of units increases, screen printing demonstrates a notable reduction in the cost per unit.However, it is costly for smaller production due to complex setup
Sublimation: Sublimation printing can be used for small or bulk orders, making it a popular printing technique among companies.However, the cost of sublimation printing won't beat silk screen printing when it comes to large amount of apparel orders.

18 Nov 2023